Hello! My name is Francine, (Cina Smash is my stage name) a Manhattan baby with a Bronx start and a Newburgh heart. I'm a 5 foot, tiny, spitfire wild-child full of energy and delight! One can always find me with a smile on my face and a microphone in hand. I am the lead singer of a cover/wedding band called Radio Riot. (see video below)

  When I'm not singing every weekend, I enjoy traveling, spending time with good friends, photography, styling shoots and writing new music. For as long as I can remember my imagination always played a huge part in helping me to achieve my dreams and goals. I started this blog 'Smash-Monkey' as my outlet to inner freedom and a place where I can document my journey. My sense of fashion, creativity, music and photography have been such an important part of my life within the last few years and I am no longer holding back. I hope to inspire YOU the reader to seek out all that life has to offer and don't ever give up on anything that makes you HAPPY!

(aka Cina Smash)

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