Thursday, August 14, 2014

Technicolored Dreams

When I think of road trips I automatically envision miles of open road and an horizon as far as the eye can see. Last weekend I spent the last few hours of my friend, Jeanette's vacation for the summer in NYC and we decided to drive upstate to Woodstock. In the days ahead of our planned excursion I stumbled upon an amazingly colorful house set deep in the back roads en route to our destination and I knew I had to go see it in person. I emailed the owner, Kat Wise, to not only let her know of my upcoming arrival but to ask permission first. (of course!) She responded so quickly and without haste welcomed us into her magnificently whimsical house of creative splendor! When I tell you my breath was taken at the very first glance, I kid you not. All jokes aside, we were pretty lucky having arrived on a day where no one else but Kat was around to give us the grand tour and let us photograph the endless details around every corner. We asked so many questions and without hesitation she recanted of her travels to over 100 different countries around the world for 15 years! Having seen her creative lifestyle and genuinely humbled personality, I couldn't help but feel completely inspired to follow in her footsteps. Please visit her website and go shopping on her Etsy page, she is unbelievably talented at creating 'amazing technicolor dream coats'!

ps. after we left her house, we drove past a large field of you know I had to bust a U-ie and take photos before we arrived in Woodstock!

Peace & Love!! xo

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