Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hydrangea- filled Reflections...

  During the summertime I enjoy getting away from the city and heading to my parents house upstate in the beautiful Hudson Valley. My summer breaks during grade school were always long and filled with endless hours in the backyard, swimming or playing kickball in the street with the other neighborhood kids. I remember the time before the internet was introduced into every American household, when children were active and knew it was time to come home as soon as the sun set or else Mom (mostly Dad) would yell your name, never more than once!

  My generation of 90's kids were the last to enjoy a solid youth, without the use of technology. I consider myself so blessed to revel in the joyful memories of sleepovers, watching nickelodeon night and day, sneaking into my big sisters room to watch MTV and writing plays to act out with friends. On this particular day it was warm and I was in such a 'country girl' mood. I threw on my favorite dress I bought a few years ago from Free People and decided to get silly with my hydrangeas in the backyard. Thank goodness I can always come back home to clear my mind and get focused on what matters most, time well spent with family and friends!

Dress: Free People, Shoes: Diesel


  1. Haha you are so cute! Of course I adore this because it's you and it's hydrangeas :)

    love, polly :)

    1. I love you so much and you had a great deal of inspiring me with this post!! Kudos to you my dear! <3