Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hydrangea- filled Reflections...

  During the summertime I enjoy getting away from the city and heading to my parents house upstate in the beautiful Hudson Valley. My summer breaks during grade school were always long and filled with endless hours in the backyard, swimming or playing kickball in the street with the other neighborhood kids. I remember the time before the internet was introduced into every American household, when children were active and knew it was time to come home as soon as the sun set or else Mom (mostly Dad) would yell your name, never more than once!

  My generation of 90's kids were the last to enjoy a solid youth, without the use of technology. I consider myself so blessed to revel in the joyful memories of sleepovers, watching nickelodeon night and day, sneaking into my big sisters room to watch MTV and writing plays to act out with friends. On this particular day it was warm and I was in such a 'country girl' mood. I threw on my favorite dress I bought a few years ago from Free People and decided to get silly with my hydrangeas in the backyard. Thank goodness I can always come back home to clear my mind and get focused on what matters most, time well spent with family and friends!

Dress: Free People, Shoes: Diesel

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back at the Ranch...

  There is something so divine and magical about horses that I can't quite put my finger on but the weekend before last is certainly on my list of my top ten favorite memories of this year. My boyfriend Andrew and I drove out east in Long Island to visit a horse ranch and do research for a comic book he is currently illustrating in order to be published. Needless to say, I shot from every angle, all the while hoping not to scare the horses. (thank goodness for daylight and no flashes!)

  Standing at only 5 feet tall and 95 lbs, I'm sure you can imagine how intimidated I was at first approach. I began with a simple hello, as if that were the best introduction with such a gentle giant, then extended my hand for them to smell (canine instincts?) and last I petted their muzzle to create that spiritual connection only horse lovers can understand. It was so intriguing to witness their everyday routine of exercise, feeding and hygiene and perceiving life from different angles. I walked away from this experience feeling so grateful for the abilities that we as humans, too often, take for granted. I hope this post has inspired YOU too to spend a day with horses and show them love and compassion, a most significant quality that is lacking in today's world. 

ps. I had so much fun keeping company with this curious little kitten named Coal!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bonjour et Bienvenue, Fête Paradiso!

 I'm not sure if everyone feels the same but Sundays are, by far, the most magical day of my week filled with a sense of refreshment and new beginnings. This particular Sunday I met up with my lifelong friend, Krizia. Upon reading an article within the local newspaper about 'Fête Paradiso- the worlds first traveling festival of vintage carnival rides and carousels', I immediately began envisioning a scene from a 19th century Parisian celebration filled with handsomely adorned elephants. (and monkeys too!) The idea of this mini-getaway was just what I had in mind to escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

 Once we were on the ferry, it was a short seven minute trip to the Governor's Island landing dock. It was my first time visiting and surprisingly enough the hospital that is located there was where my Father was born in 1954. In some respects it is almost as if I had come full circle with a tiny puzzle piece of my personal history. I am often amazed at the endless opportunities that my native island of Manhattan has to offer and this occasion was nothing short of inspiring!

 Wearing: On Cina: Top-Kimchi Blue, High waisted denim shorts- Forever21 
Shoes- Old Navy, Bag- Deux Lux
On Krizia: Dress- Forever21, Hat- Original Penguin, Bag- Cole Haan

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Seven Year Itch...

Have you ever wanted to create something so badly that you didn't even know how to begin? I suppose trying never hurt anyone and something inside me, a little voice perhaps, screamed with a loud echo 'Do it! Now!' This is the best reasoning for the creation of this blog that I've been fighting tooth and nail with myself to sit down and put together. It could be that little yearn from deep within...but it also could have been this bright green JeriLee dress that has been hanging in my closet for many years. I remember buying this dress from an Ebay vintage store called Lullie Vintage, owned and operated by Shae Detar and in a moment of awe and delight I made my purchase and felt like I just scored the ultimate 'seven year itch'.

Flash-forward several years on a beautiful, sunny day in June of 2013, I set out with my dress pressed and ready for adventure. Meeting up with my best gal pal Alissa Simmons, we set forth with our picnic bags in tow to Central Park, the heartland of our marvelous city. We drank wine, ate our sandwiches and even were approached by several photographers ready to take our picture. It was truly such a lovely day and so many wonderful memories were made that I hold dear to my heart. Life is so amazing when you make time to enjoy the simple pleasures that a summer day can bring!

Wearing: Dress- Vintage by JeriLee,  Shoes- ModCloth, Glasses- Kate Spade